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As the technology evolves and more computer programs appear in our life, our Operating System needs to open files with various file extensions. And we need to tell the Operating System that what software is needed to open those unknown files.

OpenFileFix.com is a huge file extension database that provides information and description of various file extensions as well as the way to open them. Our database ranges from audio file extensions (.MP3, .WMA, .AAC etc), compressed file extensions (.RAR, .ZIP, .7Z etc), encrypted file extensions (.MIM, .BIN and .UUE etc), game file extensions (.ROM, .SAV and .WAD etc) and other file extensions. In case your Windows can not open a file, please click here and fix your file extensions automatically.

What is File Extension?

A file extension is the suffix of a file name, usually separated with a dot from the file name. A file extension tells the file format of its content and usage. And it also provides your system with the information it needs so that it can open the file with the correct application. There are many file extensions, such as .doc for Microsoft Word, .jpg for picture and .wmv for media.

Each file has a file extension. For instance, the file extension of a text is .txt, so this text file is named something like text1.txt. Your Windows has known exactly how to open a file with .txt extension, for the file association of .txt has been saved in the registry. However, if your file can not be recognized by your system, you will be told that "Windows Can't Open This File" when you attempt to open this file.

If you have such difficulty in opening certain file, click here and open your file now.

How to Open or Fix Your File Extensions?

If you can not open a file or receive an unknown file by doule-clicking on it, it's really frustrating and painful. In such circumstance, you need to check up your file and its file association in registry or find an appropriate software to open it.

OpenFileFix.com is designed to provide a larger file extension database. Users can search most of file extensions here and open the files or fix file associations. To save your time and trouble of opening various files, OpenFileFix.com recommends an all-in-one tool that can fullly analyze all possible problems of your files and open your files with ease.

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