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System Files
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.PCK is a file extension that belongs to System Files of Microsoft. Your Operating System will go through the registry, find the file association and then open .PCK file properly. .PCK file can be opened by many programs.

Why Windows Can't Open .PCK File?
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Everythime you try to open .PCK file, your Operating System needs to go to the Registry and If there is no file association of .PCK in the registry, Windows can not open .PCK file. There are many reasons that make your Windows can't open the file:
  • The file extension is not properly associated with the corresponding software.
  • The software used to open this file extension is not installed.
  • The file association is not registered or damaged in the registry.
  • The software is outdated to open this file.
  • This file is damaged or broken.

How to Open .PCK File?

In case you double click a file and you receive "Windows can't open this file" dialog, you need to make sure the reason that make you not able to open your file, such as check its file association in registry, update the software, search, download and install many software to open the file.

This process is quite time-consuming and boring for most of computer users with little computer skills. Editing the registry by mistake will make the system corrupt and downloading some wrong software or even rogue software will bring users bigger problems. Therefore, it's recommended that you use an automatic fix tool to help you open various files.

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